SKIN TYPE CHANGES: Why and when they happen?


First of all, there are many misconceptions to skin changes because of the general believe that skin only changes with aging. That is false.

Let us start first by getting to know skin. It consists of these layers:

-subcutaneous layer – fat deposits, acts as insulator

-hypodermis – provides main structural support for skin

-dermis – fibrous structure composed of collagen, elastic tissue, hair follicles, nerve endings and glands, supports and protects the skin and the deeper layers too, aid in sensation and thermoregulation

-epidermis – outer layer of skin, provides waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone, do you know this layer of skin has its own five layers


So far you have been always taught that aging causes collagen and elastic tissue to reduce thus we get wrinkles. Right? That is not all.

All skin layers can cause changes on the skin throughout every age. If we loose weight, fat deposits are reduced so if the skin remains untreated you will end up having saggy skin. Skin is elastic. Elasticity of the skin needs to be worked on by creams and massages. On the things that we got genetically we need to work in order to always keep the best functions.

Then, we always tend to forget there are glands in the skin tissue, precisely, two types, sweat and sebaceous glands. When you enter puberty, your sebaceous glands start secreting more fatty secret. But does this happen only in puberty? No, it happens on a regular basis. Stress levels, hormone levels, pregnancy, post-partum, menopause, all of these will influence the secretion of glands. So, it is not true that skin changes only with age. It changes all the time.

So, for example, you have dry skin, and you use dry skin cream for some time and eventually you look at yourself and you think: “Oh well this is not working anymore for me, I have to find another dry skin cream.” Wait a minute. Your skin changed. You must follow the changes. Maybe your routine has caused sebaceous glands to regulate, and your skin is not dry anymore. Maybe now you just need to moisturize.

That is why we created a cream for each of the skin types: mature, dry, normal, and problematic. Problematic and dry skin creams will regulate the sebaceous glands and mature skin cream will boost collagen production.

And stop believing oil is not for oily skin. If you keep stripping oil from oily skin it will just be a sign to your skin to produce more oil, so you are getting the counter-effect not the one you initially wanted. There are oils which are extremely beneficial for oily skin because they help protect the skin, help regulation of sebaceous glands, and will not cause overproduction of oil.


As much as this is neglected, different events in your life will cause skin changes. Follow those skin changes, if you must, consult a specialist and accordingly change the products that you use. Do not be tricked into believing you only have one skin type for the rest of your life. Pregnancy causes changes to skin, post-partum causes changes to skin, stress levels cause changes to skin, medications cause changes to skin, hormone levels cause changes to skin, weight fluctuations, etc. Same advice goes for men too, but obviously without the pregnancy stage 😊 their stress levels, their hormones.

I have gone from having extremely oily skin to normal skin during pregnancy then to super dry skin after birth and now I have combination, I have oily zones and normal zones.

So, some well-known advice but worth repeating again:

  1. Drink water
  2. Double cleanse (yes, your skin needs cleaning not wipes)
  3. Moisturize (yes, all skin types need it)
  4. Sun protection

If you need help choosing the perfect product from our Amara by Hatibovic Cosmetics range, feel free to always contact us, we will help you.

If you need more details, also, contact me, I really wanted to keep this article simple so everyone could understand the importance of skin changes.


Dzenana Hatibovic Avdibasic MLS/ Beekeeper/ Cosmetics developer/ MUA

This would be a long story. But I will share just a short one for the beginning, as a part of get to know process.

Being surrounded with bees all your life influences your choices in life. You have this tremendous love for little flying creatures and you keep thinking what you can do in life that will include them. I always wanted to be a pharmacist. But the old fashioned one, who used bottles, ingredients and created something amazing. 

So, I wanted to create something amazing. So, I asked my father for advice and I asked my mentor to create cosmetics as a part of my master thesis. I researched a lot, I worked a lot, I wanted to combine the best from beehive and deliver it into skincare.

And, eventually, everything was in place. I created a royal jelly cream and scientifically proven it is extremely stable and the best possible option out there because everyone else uses lyophilized royal jelly. Amara by Hatibovic royal jelly cream uses fresh royal jelly. We produce that royal jelly ourselves. With our own hands. 

I want to get into depth on our brands, on products we use on a daily basis with this blog. I want this to be a way of communication between general public and us a a brand and me as a scientist, cosmetics developer, somebody who really wants to show the best we have. I want you to feel this is a 100% safe place, where all information are checked and true, no lies, no pretending, just the truth.

I am looking forward to be on this journey with each and every one of you. 

So, welcome to The Blog.